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We have realized over many years of online sales, Individuals don't like to read too much. They enjoy things to be clear and simple with the facts readily available. We'll attempt to present the program details as concise and clear as we can.

However, please take those extra minutes to read carefully and call us with any questions.

Vet Corp is designed to be simple and straight forward with no hidden tricks, misrepresentations or deceptive sales practices. We have a great program with quality products and an effective way to deliver them Nationwide to the customer. You have the ability to reach hundreds, if not thousands of potentially new clients. They're all out there, they're all printing something and you just have to seek them out.

It's like a Big Easter Egg Hunt, you just need to look everywhere.

We'll help you understand how to present the products and you use your ability to find the customers. Consumers buy printing supply products on a frequent basis as they need them.

No Selling Required. You cannot sell a printer cartridge to a person unless they have a printer and print!

Understand that the Printing Industry is nearly a $50 Billion Dollar per year industry. That is very substantial and provides you the ability to establish a profitable long term business.

Here are the important details of the Veteran Owned Business model. Please review carefully. Remember, everyone enjoys simplicity, so we keep it that way.

  1. Initial program registration and setup of a full functioning "personalized" online web-store will cost you $99.00 per year.
  2. This includes complete website setup and real time administration panel, complete product catalog management, including pricing updates on a weekly basis, in addition to 24/7 website monitoring and full backup services. Your web-store is up then you're making sales.
  3. We take care of all inventory management, you don't have to deliver products to your customers. We ship Nationwide in as little as 2 days by FedEx or UPS.
  4. Our experienced staff handles all customer service questions or needs.
  5. Your time is valuable, so use it to build a loyal customer base. They'll be back to your web-store when they need to re-order.

Earning potential with your Veteran Owned Business.

Naturally, an important aspect of any business venture is the profitability or in other terms - "Earning Potential". Keep in mind, we can't build success into the web-store. The overall success is determined by your efforts to share the supply business with as many people possible and ask satisfied clients to do likewise. We call it "Friendvertising" and it works wonders to promote a business. If you hand out one or two business cards or flyers each month, you won't be as successful as the person that hands out a hundred.

  1. You will earn a commission of 10% of the retail value of products in each closed order. As an example: if the customer ordered 2 toner cartridges and 3 ink cartridges totaling $124.90 you would earn $12.49 on that sale.
  2. If your average monthly sales exceed $100 (that is $1200 annually), your next year membership will be free!
    Remember, printing supplies are consumables, they're used up and have to be repurchased. Almost like gas for your car. Therefore the more you build up the customer base the higher your monthly sales will be. Is it unrealistic to build up sales to $500,000 per year? Absolutely not! We would like to see everyone accomplish this personal goal. Just focus and never give up. As long as people, companies and organizations are printing, your Goal is Alive!
  3. A "Referral Challenge" to every partner in our program. Vet Corp can only grow as a legitimate business opportunity, if we all work hard and spread the word about our organization and our products. The more web-stores we open the quicker the customers will hear about our support of the Veteran Community and their families. Vet Corp is your small business opportunity and it will change the lives of many people. When the opportunity exists that you can share the Vet Corp business model with a fellow Veteran and he registers for an online web-store, you will earn 10% of all sales generated through their store!

Our goal is to have 5000 dedicated Veterans all working toward a common purpose of supporting the Veteran Community and providing our customers with an alternative "High Quality" remanufactured product that do not infringe on some ones i ntellectual property.

Our Federal, State, Local Governments along with Military Facilities, Universities, and various Institutions spend over $6,000,000,000 (billion) annually on printing photos and documents.

How much of that can be your share?

It's really there for the asking. You just need the great products and service to get a piece.

I am interested in my own "Home Based" business opportunity, please call me.


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